5 Jumpsuits, 5 Looks, 5 Occasions

Published 02/03/2020
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Isn’t jumpsuit a very good piece of clothing??? It’s comfortable like PJ, but can at the same time have the power of a suit. Ultimate combination right? I have bought a couple of jumpsuits the past years, but haven’t really used them as much as I thought I would – until now. Two summers ago I bought the most amazing Miu Miu boiler suit, that I will never get rid of. Even if I, until now, only used 2-3 times a year. Weird right?

However, The jumpsuits in my wardrobe are definitely having a revival rn. And I found out how to wear 5 of them, in 5 different ways to 5 different occasions.

Monday work look

Am I the only one who wants to wear comfortable looks on Mondays?? I guess I usually dress up a bit on Fridays and Saturdays, PJs for Sundays and then I guess am still in that sleepy mode on Monday mornings. I found out a jumpsuit is the perfect solution here, and by adding a really good blazer with a pair of mules I am ready for any serious meeting or glass of bubbles.

Boiler suit, Miu Miu
Blazer, Balenciaga
Mules, Bottega Veneta

Comfortable sporty

This is maybe the perfect mid-week-look?? You know when you left the Monday comfort zone, and heading towards a bit more dressed kind of feeling, but still want (or have) to stay practical? Yes, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I put one of my absolute most fanciest blazers underneath, instead of over. Et Violá! Yes it’s a life hack, you are welcome. Combined with dad sneakers, a winner any day of the week.

Jumpsuit, Baum und Pfergrten
Jacket, Chanel
Bag, Loewe
Sneakers, Nike

“The post-yoga-pre-errands-look”

I think I could write a book about this body suit. For real. I find new ways of wearing it every time I see it in the closet. But this would be a perfect way of wearing it on a Sunday, post yoga and pre errands on town!! Right? Very comfortable, all hands free and casual but still mega cool.

Leather jacket, Céline
Body suit, Marine Serre x Nike
Fanny pack, Prada
Ballerinas, Chanel

“Baby, I’m going out”

I bought this Stella McCartney jumpsuit 4 years ago, on a stock sale for I think 80% off, and I totally forgot how amazing it is!!! I found it now when I moved from my previous apartment, and can’t really understand why I put it in a box in my attic. This will definitely be my next party look.

Now it’s your time to shine again Stella!!

And now I remember my best friends bf turns 25 next weekend, outfit check.

Jumpsuit, Stella McCartney
Boots, Loeil

I want to wear my party look, but its only Tuesday

Jumpsuit, Roksanda
Hoodie, Stine Goya
Bag, Loewe
Heels, Bottega Veneta

I know. That struggle can be hard.

But I always add a hoodie and then just all of a sudden the look is less Saturday evening, and more Tuesday work appropriate. Like this amazing Roksanda jumpsuit, that can enter any party, wherever and whenever, but its too good to just hang in the wardrobe and waiting for a party to pop. Am I right?

Need a bit more inspo? Then head to this article.

Published 02/03/2020

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