5 danish cool cats to follow on the gram RN

These girls are TAKING OVER my gram atm. And I can’t handle it. They are gonna make me move to Copenhagen very very soon if they don’t stop. And they are not even 20 yet??? Well, wait and see and you’ll understand what I mean.

Published 27/06/2019
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Ella has got the most perfect summer vintage closet I. I want to hijack it and flee the country. Not to talk about her vintage Fendi baguette collection? Her instagram feed is like an ice cream store, all pastell colors the rainbow one could wish for. Go and have a bowl or two here.



She’s the personal stylist assistant of Danish influencer Emili Sindlev, but her personal style is definitely more than that. Which I love. Frederikke’s is an edgy mix of vintage meets grandpa blazers meets girly cherry tops. I love how she mixes more with even more.

Follow this cool cat here


You never know if this girl is either going to a really fancy dinner, to the gym or a casual after work with friends. The perfect mix between fancy shoes, sporty shorts and vintage shirts to top that off. And maybe a pair of super fast sunglasses. Follow Chloe here.


Another girl who’s life we Hobnob’ers want to live is Maya’s. This girl is either drinking wine in Kødbyen with the girls above, strolling around town in her colorful vintage bucket hats or working on her tan lines by the water in Nordhavnen. A pretty lovely life, right? Follow Tippie-Maya here.


This is my never ending girl crush. Her mix of colorful vintage clothing, dreamy Prada bags and flower painted nails makes me wanna cry everyday. If there’s any person I want to change closet with it’s Anna. Up for it!? See what I mean HERE.

Published 27/06/2019

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