5 accounts I LOVE to follow on IG


Ok, so this Amsterdam based model has THE best collection of sunglasses that I have ever seen. She make’s me want to only wear blazers and statement sunglasses, in the best of ways. Please do yourself a favor and press follow if you haven’t already!



I find myself actually longing for new outfit posts from this girl. I mean styling those gorgeous pink Céline heels with a that hat and something that seems to be a bodysuit? Genius. I’m loving every bit of it. And that is not the only outfit I truly envy, let me tell you. And if you don’t want to take my word for it? go see for yourself.



Karla is someone that I have been following for A LONG time. She was actually one of the reason why I felt like I wanted to start a blog ca a decade ago. Oh the memories. Anywho, since then she has started her own brand (thelinebyk) and married the man of her dreams (stalker…)

She has (what I’m guessing from following her for such a long time) THE BEST selection of blazers and suits that I would just love to take a closer look at. Oh, and she also has a youtube channel!



I found @popuphome via @Alwaysjudging on Instagram, and it was an instant follow from my side. If I got this right (which I’m sure I don’t) this account is operated by Tricia, who has a vintage store in Venice, LA. On her stories (I mean besides from the feed), you get an insight to the store, and a closer look at her taste which is absolutely impeccable. I use to scroll throuch her feed before going thrifting, searching for new stuff to our home. Try it!

I mean all these chairs???


I don’t just love to follow Marzyjane because of her bad ass attitude, sick wardrobe or adorable pictures of her and her husband (above.) I also love to follow her because she talks so inspiring about motherhood and she lets her followers take part of her journey as #weedfreeyo. But also, her style????? Yes mama!


Published 05/06/2019

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.

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