3 Things I Have Learned from Being Home

Published 04/04/2020
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Working from home has been a journey, the first days I wore full looks, pretending everything was normal. Then I suddenly fell into the hole that is underwear and hoodie (and NOT in a sexy way).

Finally I came to my senses and found the perfect balance. Here are my top tips on dressing for your home office.

Spending time on FaceTime and in video meetings has opened my eyes to Duckburg as the next fashion capital of the world. A well ironed shirt with a tie gives you an advantage in meetings. When your colleagues are wearing hoodies and t-shirts with ketchup stains you will look like Christian Bale or Miranda Priestly

Also, I promise you, your boss will appreciate the effort you’ve put in when you’re wearing a shirt. (schh, they don’t need to know you’re not wearing pants). The last few days I’ve been inspired by Viktor & Rolf FW 2008 and their bed dress. Just wrap a blanket around your waist and it’s couture.


Since I’m an old man mentally I love cardigans, silk ties and drinking coffee from small cups but I never thought I’d be a slippers guy. Not only do they give you some extra comfort, they also boost your self esteem. “Good for you, you’re wearing shoes! You did something good today, reward yourself with a nap.” 

Pyjamas are a valid outfit

There, I said it. Why be uncomfortable while working from home? Find inspiration in the closet of Julian Schnabel  – he’s been wearing PJ’s in public for ages. This will do when the pyjamas are nice and clean. No sheetmasks or retainers please. Add some earrings and necklaces and you could easily go to after work with friends. Oh no wait, social distancing, never mind.

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Published 04/04/2020

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