21 questions with Hannah Eklund

Published 14/05/2019
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Along with being one of the coolest PR-consultants in town (according to us), she also has a very eclectic life style. We took a few minutes to catch up with Hannah to see what’s her point of view in some questions.

“I am afraid to ride in cars, my friends don’t allow me to sit in the front any more because I scream every time a large truck drives past”

You’re writing a Tinder profile, describe yourself with five words.
– Quirky Curious Love Drinking Wine

What was your dream job as little?
– Florist, it still is sometimes

On a range of 1-10, how spontaneous are you?
– 1 on weeks 10 on weekends

Who within your business industry would you bring to a deserted island?
– Raf Simons

If you was forced to get a tattoo, what would you do?
– I would write P.P.N or do a freshwater pearl on my foot

How many shoes do you own?
– 25?

I pack my suitcase four days before and I’m very serious about it.

Which three famous people would you choose to have a Tequila night with?
– Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Lady Gaga

Sneakers or heels?
– Heels

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
– Watching Andra Avenyn while eating a lot of Lysmelk and stalking people on instagram when I’m hunting for clothes on different fashion apps

If a cab and a limo had the same price range, which one would you choose?
– Limo because then you can also have champagne

Where do you go on dates?
– Babette

If you only could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would that be?
– My boyfriends homemade cacio de pepe

Are your parents satisfied with your choice of career?
– Yes

What makes you really furious?
– I do not like smarmy people and the feeling you get when you don’t have anything to wear

“Me and Fanny are going on vacation, where do you send us? Japan and Jamaica”

What are you really afraid of?
– I am afraid to ride in cars, my friends don’t allow me to sit in the front any more because I scream every time a large truck drives past

Which is the best vs. worst gift you ever received?
– The best gift is a Clochette necklace from Hermès that I was craving for a long time, the worst was probably a pair of wool cat inspired leg warmers(?) 

What talent would you like to have?
– I would love to be a good singer, most of my friends are very good singers and when we sing together it always ends up with them laughing at me

You will host a dinner of eight strangers, who are you inviting?
– Rei Kawakubo, my mum, my college Sanna, Phoebe Philo, Geri Halliwell, Iris Apfel, Mia Skäringer and Aston the beagle i’m godmother to

What’s the absolutely most important in your life?
– My family 

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Published 14/05/2019

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