21 quick Qs with Annica Eklund, CD of Bolon

Published 27/06/2019
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Besides from being my mom, she’s probably the coolest woman in this town (Stockholm that is but really she is the coolest woman in all towns). Not only is she Creative director of design company Bolon and a newly redeemed (amazing) photographer – she also has a very dynamic life style. And to be completely shallow: she has one of the most amazing closets, which I tend to raid once in a while. I took a few minutes to catch up with Annica (weird to not write mom) to see what’s she’s up to right now.

“I’ve always wanted to be older so that I could do grown up stuff”

You’re writing a tinder profile, describe yourself with five words. 
– Ohhh my gosh, take me away. Although I did meet my boyfriend through Tinder but I wont tell you my bio.

In which situations are you lying?
– When I don’t want to hurt someone (only small lies).

Do you have any remarkable features?
I have an extra drivers license for driving buses and heavy trucks with
trailer – baam!

What was your dream job as a child?
– I’ve always wanted to be older so that I could do grown up stuff.

What is your worst purchase?

Oh, I think it’s a Gucci wallpaper. But I hope to find a place to cover with it soon. But most common are clothes in one or two sizes too small, that I hope someday to fit in. Which never happens (very good for my daughter Linn, she’s hijacking them all).

Your house is on fire, what is the first thing you leave behind?
– I have too many beautiful old shoes that I don’t have the heart to throw away, so I guess I would leave them for their destiny.

Whom within your industry would you bring to a deserted island?
– My stand-in photo assistant Gus (who also happens to be my boyfriend).

If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your grandchildren?
– I understand you honey, I was just like you as a kid.

Which three famous people would you take for a Tequila night?
– Javier Bardem, Bono and Helena Christensen.

On a scale of 1-10, how spontaneous are you?
– 8.

Do you have any close-to-death-experience?
– Thank god no. But when I was nineteen I got a horse over me and crushed both of my pelvic bones, that wasn’t very pleasent

If you ever have to get a tattoo, what and where would you do it?
Something that’s make me happy, like a name but somewhere where it’s pretty hidden. I already have one which I did with my previous boyfriend, and it still makes me happy even if we’ve broken up. It’s a nice memory.

Which is the best/worst gift you ever received? 

Is it too obvious and say my daughter Linn as best gift? If yes, it’s my two Cartier bracelets I got from my family when I turned 40 and 50. One Love Bracelet and Just on Clou. Hmmm the worst one is hard. I guess it’s workout clothes from an old boyfriend, I still don’t know if it was a hint or a nice gesture.

My primary rule of living? To be really curious and try to stay positive at all times.

Your last meal, what are you ordering?
– A really nice glass of red wine with the Swedish classic ”löjroms toast”, followed by the best Italian truffle pizza you can imagine and for dessert: a bag of ”flaming hot” cheese doodles. Crazy combination I know, but the last supper should be everything.

Me and Fanny are going on vacation, where do you send us?
– To a place where there’s no wi-fi… Ha ha ha…. I’m kind of joking, but you guys would really need that. Ski weekend in Japan, as both of you are the craziest ski fans I know.

At last, what are you doing this weekend?
– I’m currently down in our summer house in South of Sweden. But this weekend I’m going up to Stockholm to celebrate one of my best friends 40’s. Teaser; It will be a lot of karaoke and margaritas (!!)

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Instagram: @annicaeklundstudio
Check out her photo art at www.annicaeklundstudio.com

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Published 27/06/2019

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