13 Great Outfits I Have Worn, That I Have to Wear Again

Published 17/05/2020
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I scrolled through my Instagram the other day and realized I have so many good (and also less good) outfits I have been wearing through the years. A couple of them are so great I can’t understand why I haven’t been wearing them again and again. And some pieces I have totally forgot about, even if they are still hanging in my closet.

I remember when I started working with fashion I felt so bad wearing the same outfit twice, even if I liked it. As the grown up 25 year old I am (truly not) I realized a great outfit has to be worn at least 10 times, why shouldn’t it be??

As soon as we are allowed to stroll free on town again that’s the first thing I will do. But before that I will share my top 13 archives ones with you.

The polka dots with the polka stripes

I think is still one of my best purchases ever. When I worked in the Stella McCartney store in Stockholm I fingered on this set for sooo long time (bc it was also major expensive) but one day I said, come on Linn you deserve it, and it appeared to be one of my best purchases ever. It is maybe 4-5 years ago now?

And now when I saw this picture from Paris 3 years ago I realized I have to wear it asap. It is truly amazing.

Full on Mulberry

One of my ever favorite looks from fashion week. Unfortunately I only borrowed this look so it will be hard to re-wear it again. But would I get the opportunity I wouldn’t even blink. It’s so good.

Hey horses

Another really good purchase from my time at Stella McCartney. I will never ever sell this set, for me this is a piece of art and carries so many memories from that time. I love clothes who does that.

Its like my mint green Chanel suit I bought the weekend Fanny & Måns got engaged in Copenhagen, I will never ever sell that one either.

And as we say at Hobnob “our pension funds hangs in our closets” and this is one of my pieces that will hang in there forever.

The circus look

This blouse is one of the many great vintage catches I have made.

A very old and rare one from Oscar de La Renta. But I haven’t worn it that much and now when I see this picture I can’t understand why??

Next circus look

Same with this outfit.

And my green boots!! Me and Fanny spoke about these ones just a couple of days ago. They feel very The Attico, but its a local designer in a little village near Villa La Madonna in Italy. Love the boots together with this Jacquemus shirt too.

Dress as a top

I keep coming back to this look, even if I quite recently wore it. Bc every time I see it I remember how much I like to wear this Cecilie Bahnsen as a top. And also the combo of black/yellow/blue/green is so good.

Lost NYC tourist

I remember this outfit as it was yesterday.

And I really love it, but now I realized I sold this dress.

What a disappointer. Right?

But a funny story around this dress – I got it in NYC during mine and Fanny’s first trip (ever) together, and yes, it was actually a press trip to New York. Lots of Margaritas at Café Habana and vintage shopping later we became really good friends. Thank you NYC for that, bc otherwise Hobnob probably wouldn’t have been born. And this great look would never have been worn either.

Speaking of New York

This is another great NYC look I have worn, but at another trip with my family. I remember I felt so great that night, bc I had been all over Manhattan to get my hands on these Gucci heels and I found the LAST PAIR on 5th avenue 15 minutes before the stores closed. Haha. What a time to be alive right.

And then I wore it with this amazing H&M dress that night, I know its silly, but that was a great feeling.

Traveling with a look

Maybe my best travel outfit ever?

Will definitely do a copy paste on this one next time (I guess by the earliest of next year?) I leave for the airport again. I have a weak memory from this Shanghai trip that I had too much clothes that didn’t fit my suitcase so I hade to wear them to the flight, haha. Happens all the time though.

The boiler suit

Another look I quite “recently” wore. I think it was in November when we were in London and celebrated my cousins 18th birthday. And the week before I had seen Sarah in this look and just had to copy it, and I still does. A real 10 pointer.

Disco in the elevator

Best party outfit I have. A real bargain from an Archive sale at Acne Studios 8 years ago. I think I look like a walking disco bowl, or a character from Saturday night fever. Well, I at least feel like it.

Red + pink

Perfect city look if you ask me. Oversized blazer, silk skirt and flip flops. Can it please be flip flop weather soon? My feet are screaming for open toe shoes now.

City cowboy

Last one, but for sure not the least.

I found another great outfit from that NYC trip with Fanny! I realize now we had such a great outfit game that trip.

But we need to talk more about this skirt, which is my third great purchase Stella McCartney (haha). How amazing isn’t it?? I have totally forgot about it and feel a bit ashamed of it. Its just too good to hang in the closet. Need to wear it today!! Just a swirl around the block.

Now its time for me to dig into that closet and do a remake of all these great outfits.

I’ll be right back.

Published 17/05/2020

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  1. so
    By sven odsvik

    Hej Linn.
    Jag vet att du gillar åka skidor men samtidigt vill byta om. Till di vill jag rekommendera “Roxa R3w 105 TI I.R”. Freeride pjäxa som är lätt att stiga in men ändå solid nog att för alpine performance. vill du ha friåkningskida kan jag rekomendera WNDR. 5cm längre än dig själv. Sluta inte göra era vinter filmer. Vänligen – Sven


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