12 90s Muse-Inspired Dresses For Any Holiday Occasion

Published 28/11/2022
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Now’s the time to channel your inner Kate and Naomi. Let them stare!

With only a few days left until the month of December, I find myself all over the incoming party collections. I want short, sparkling, long, luxurious, silky, sleek, and strapless dresses, and I want them now. Do you sense a theme? I know I do. I am looking at all my childhood icons and their sartorial party history. The late 90s and early 00s have had a significant moment this year and with the final of 2022 coming up I don’t expect anything less than a bonanza of Kate Mosses, Naomi Campbell, and Rachel Green’s look-a-likes on the dancefloor.

Let’s look at 12 options to nail the look. I have divided the dresses into three categories to make it easier for you (and me).

The Mini Dress

The mini dress of course. Can we even have this conversation without mentioning the mini dress? That would be deadly wrong. The short hem has kind of been the only hem this year? I love a full skirt still though. But if you only go for one party piece this season, make sure it’s short.

As for the kind of mini dress I am open to options. The 3D flower applique has been all over my Instagram feed since spring but has been peaking this late fall, making this black mini version with thin straps, a rouche silhouette and large flower a great choice.

But let’s be honest, I doubt there is any situation that doesn’t benefit from a short sequin masterpiece. Aqua blue, silver or white, the choice is yours.

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The Maxi Slip Dress

But let’s be honest, the mini dress isn’t for everyone, so let’s drop the hemline to the ground! The Maxi slip dress is an excellent option for colder winter nights but it also contributes to that effortless elegance you should never leave home without.

Possibilities are endless here too. Go for more of a Old Célin-esque look in white satin with wide lace straps, a roaring hot, very very 90s-approved Leo version with a low back, a Kate Moss-sheer lace piece, or why not get inspired by the Parisian way of wearing a white sain slip dress with a wide-shouldered peacoat?

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The Sleek Strapless Dress

The sleek strapless midi-dress will always be associated with Friend’s character Rachel Green. All this talk about her hair but nothing about her love for bandeau dresses? Honestly?

This late 90s silhouette is for sure present this winter party season and just like with the mini dress and slip dress the variety of this golden oldie is massive. My four favorites online right now are all very different from one another, but the thing they have in common is that I could see myself on New Year’s Eve in all of them.

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Published 28/11/2022

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