11 Summer Looks from Instagram I Plan to Recreate

Published 28/06/2020
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Instagram isn’t keeping me busy these days like usual and I am very happy about it. I try to put away my phone as much as I can during these hot summer days. I can only stand my brain being fried by one thing at the time and whenever I can I chose the sun over my phone. Never has a choice been easier. However, those times I do scroll through my feed I feel like I hit the save button like a maniac. Something is definitely up with people during summer. Even the most simple look, look fantastic. Although I end up saving almost as many sunsets as outfits. Is this when I come out as a nonconformist? Nature is sure making me freaking grateful these days. #BLESSED

Back to my sartorial saves.

I need mint

And I need to match it with fresh citrus lemonade clearly. Light mint green satin has been a general theme of my Instagram saves lately and I am prepared to cave in completely. Silk mint green pajama? Yes please. Minty satin dress accompanied by flowers and a square neckline? Totally.

Thank you Blanca and Charlotte for confirming what I already kinda knew. I need more pastell mint in my life.

Heat makes boxer shorts into regular shorts

Anyone who’s been accompanied by a boy sometime in life or maybe you are one?? knows this: boxer shorts are the role model of all shorts. All shorts should be like boxers if the world was a perfect place. They’ve got it all: comfort, breeze, looks AND are easy to pack. Such an all-around garment.

Also, a matching shirt is always a good idea.

Speaking of shorts!!!!!!

Image: Claire Rose

I will tuck my blazer in my shorts creating a workwear/ utility vibe as soon as the heat drops. Now I can barely do anything but bikinis. Not complaining though but every time summer heatwaves strikes I miss wearing regular_clothes.

So, bikinis you say?

Image: Chainky

Glad you asked! Bikinis are officially my go-to outfit when I wake up in the morning nowadays. Please, say something that is more summer than that? This means that bikini tops are the new regular tops. I am dreaming of pulling it off home in the city as well with just a long skirt like Chainky.

But until then…

Image: Amy Julliette Lefévre

A shirt will do when I feel like covering up. I have saved so many looks like this and I will tell you something that isn’t a secret: I am wearing exactly this while writing this article.

Considering dungarees? Me too.

Image: Pernille Rosenkilde

Not really your usual summer heatwave garment but Pernille Rosenkilde is making me crave stripy dungarees with over the top 80s blouses.

Also, slip dresses are really great

Image: Giujil

Hi from your new minimalist friend? I don’t know what is going on but suddenly I am on the watch for a full-length very 90s slip dress preferably with scrappy details in the back. So cool in double sentences for hot summer nights.

Did someone say hot?

Image: Milla Loud

My brain is frying like a falafel around noon every day. The solution? A scarf. Hard to see how I would pull it off like Milla above but I won’t know until I tried.

Haha did someone say go sit in the shade instead? I am a swede, when the sun is out, so are we.

And speaking of scarves

Image: Wannacoo

BOYY founder Wannacoo is my favorite person on instagram and if she says ballgown, head scarf and big tote is OK for day cruising in June I am gonna trust that. Who said shorts and flip-flops was the only way to get through summer? The question isn’t how hot your outfit is, the real question is how cold you AC is.

Scarves are the ultimate accessory to pack when packing light

Image: Stephanie Gundelach

I know this probably isn’t a scarf at all, but when I am on vacation (soon) and have nothing to wear and my family is calling on me like crazy to come down stairs or we will miss our dinner reservation I will suddenly remember the scarf I packed and recreate this look.

Published 28/06/2020

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