11 best looks caught on Instagram during Copenhagen fashion week

Fashion month has started! So we thought, why not recap the best looks from Copenhagen fashion week, good right??

Published 05/09/2019
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Are vests the new bicycle shorts???

A trend we definitely caught during the week (or more on the gram): vests!!! Everything from grandpas old one to ski vests. I can’t deny I love it, as the ski fan I am (and what’s better than bringing some ski culture into city life??). I am really looking forward to some cold weather now. But don’t tell anyone.

Picture from Luna

More inspo from Hanna MW here.

Speaking of blue

Or maybe not. But let’s do it now. As vests might be the new bicycle shorts, is blue the new it-color after lavendel? Hanna MW pulled two really good looks to show how it’s done, and how goooood isn’t it!

The full pattern look

A full pattern look have never looked so good (or is it the Spritz I’m focusing on!?). Style goddess Blanca Miro killed it in full kit from Ganni, but on the other hand she kicks any look. This will be our go-to-inspo this fall.

Go jealous of Blanca here

Party dresses

If you have missed @Maria_bernad on instagram you must go follow her straight away. However, she pulled off this purple Rotate Birger Christensen dress during their circus themed show (they may have had to seat her on two seats to fit in those puff shoulders) and I can’t stop think about it. Not to speak about the waist belt!!!

All from behind

Who said all looks only have to be great from the front? As not everybody sitting front row (buhu) the details in the back is just as important. Right? We sneaked this back from Freya Wewer during a show. And let’s face it, don’t we all wanna do braids and wear a Chanel tank top now??

Get similar top here.

Walking candy store

There’s no news we like color, no?

I think both me and Fanny can agree that our common latest instagram crushes are these two Danish ladies, Anna and Ella.

Is Prada more of a lifestyle nowadays??

So leather is like the new… I don’t know white t-shirt? It seems to be on everybody list this fall. But we’ll get back to that. Now, let’s chat about Oumayma‘s Prada tie! We never knew it could look so good.

Are you humming on Shanaia Twain’s Man I feel like a woman too??

The kilted dress

If you have been with us for a while, you know we’re big fans of kilted coats (more like grandmas old bedspreads) and I think it just got a competitor. Hanna’s dress from Brogger made it pretty clear that kilted dresses now are the new thing. Or am I wrong? Anyway, we could love to hijack this look any day of the week.

Get more from Hanna’s colorful life outside fashion week here.

Lemoncurd on legs

Is this Victoria and Pernille walking to a show or me and Fanny walking from the office?

Also, the pants are a piece of art. Would not mind hanging them in my hallway and make everyone walking through the door stand and admire them for five minutes before getting to enter the apartment.

Published 05/09/2019

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