10 Dresses I Would Like to have a Picnic In 

By Larissa Gill

As the temperature drops and the sun is making its way out of the clouds, we can only dream of spending our afternoons outside with a cup of tea in our hand and a good book in the other. A gingham print blanket, pastel tea cups, sandwiches and dreamy florals are all the necessities to have the perfect picnic, but the most important and cannot be forgotten necessity is your picnic dress, right? I am talking florals, gingham print, plaids, ruffles, and all the frills; it’s time to dress up ladies!

Now you might be thinking that I am asking you to rob your grandmas’ closet or tear up the local vintage store for your perfect frilly picnic dress, if that’s what your heart desires, go ahead, I won’t stop you!

Although, I do have some better options for you (actually TOO many options, that will have you wanting to have picnics all spring and summer, I promise). 

Sit back, relax, and drink some tea because you are going to need it for all of these: 

A dress that will make you want to run around in a field of flowers

Find it here.

A color as green as your grass

But I promise, the care manual is easier than a field of grass. Wear it and pour yourself a glass of wine a little now and then you’ll be fine. Find it here.

Ditch the flowers,

The only florals we need are the ones on this dress.

Shop it here.

The ruffle to frill ratio equals perfection

Find this this amazing one here.

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🤍 @tach_clothing

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This dress isn’t a want, it’s a need.

Including that pair of shoes and drink too.

Find it here.

Dress or picnic blanket?

I don’t know what I love more, the fact that this dress is on sale or that it comes with a matching gingham bow for your hair? Actually I can’t pick, I love it all.

Shop it here.

Another dress that I could actually live in (literally)

Find this one here, with a bunch of other great stuff.

One white dress with a side of strawberries, please!

Helmstedt’s entire fruit inspired dress collection is a dream.

Image via @himichelleli

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🧃Rainer dress

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I’m pretty sure this was designed for picnics.

Wouldn’t mind to have a matching blanket to it too.

Shop it here.

Published 13/05/2020

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