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Published 21/09/2021
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Words and photos by Tora Northman.

What comes to mind when you think about the perfect suit? For me, it is something that is versatile and timeless, yet makes you feel like you’re on top of the world every single time you wear it.

For me, styling a suit has always depended on my mood. Nothing makes me feel cooler than a tight ribbed tank top paired with the perfect suit trousers and a pair of loafers, and nothing makes me feel more powerful than wearing a suit with a tucked in shirt and a tie. The beauty of a suit is that it lasts through every season (perhaps, the suit is the most sustainable wardrobe piece?) and as a result, it can always be styled and revamped – and here’s your proof.

White T-Shirt

This part is an ode to the white T-shirt. A suit paired with a simple white tee is *chefs kiss* and especially when combined with jewelry and killer shoes. Let the suit do the work, and don’t think too much about the details. Less is more, but also more is more. It’s fashion, baby! There are no rules.

Mix & Match

Although I adore a monochrome suit, sometimes mixing and matching is the perfect way to achieve a new look with ease. I’ve been collecting vintage blazers and suit trousers for this very reason, and I love pairing contrasting colors, materials and shapes. Silk mixed with velvet, anyone? Linen and wool? You name it – I’ve tried it.

Boss Lady

As much as I despise the words “Girlboss” and “Boss Lady,” wearing a full suit and tie look makes me feel just like one. Incorporating masculine styling elements has always been key to my fashion approach, and seeing more brands begin to understand that fashion doesn’t have to be gendered has been a breath of fresh air.

A crisp white shirt with the perfect collar, combined with an eye-catching tie is the ultimate power look for me, and is one I’ll never get tired of.

Ditch the Blazer

Listen, sometimes a full suit is less practical when you live somewhere warm (I spent seven years living in Hong Kong, so I’m well-versed with 30-degree heat). There’s no harm in ditching the blazer and going for a simple look with an eye-catching top paired with suit trousers. The tailoring and silhouette is still present, but you don’t have to sweat quite as much. And of course, you can bring the blazer with you for a nighttime look – the opportunities are endless.

Show a little skin, baby!

Is there anything cooler than wearing a suit with just a bralette or a tube top underneath? I don’t think so! I’d even say that wearing nothing underneath your blazer is the way to go, but I can understand where that becomes a less practical styling decision if there’s an unexpected wind. Showing a bit of skin is something I never wanted to do before, mainly because I didn’t feel confident enough, but now that has completely changed and I’m proud of my healthy body and I want to feel that I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want. Therefore, I’ll be wearing my little bras underneath my oversized blazers until further notice, thank you.

Long story short is that a suit has many personalities, and can be reworn and recycled a thousand times. It never gets boring, as long as you get a little creative with it.

The suit has been my trusted ally through dates, interviews, fashion weeks, and my everyday grocery store runs, and I know for a fact that it will never let me down, even on my worst days. This is my love letter to a really good suit, and before you know it, I’ll have “I <3 Suits” tattooed across my lower back.

Published 21/09/2021

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